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KelownaNow has made the effort to conduct video interviews with every candidate in the upcoming election. No other media outlet has compiled such a resource and it's a center-point for this one-stop election web portal. It's a place where you can learn about all of the mayoralty, council, and trustee candidates for Kelowna.

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Tom Dyas

Tom Dyas is a successful entrepreneur, devoted father and active volunteer in Kelowna.

Tom founded TD Benefits and has operated it right here in Kelowna since 2001. He has also previously served with the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce for over ten years, including two terms as President.

Tom has been actively involved in our community for years through Kelowna Minor Hockey, including as Chair of Kelowna's successful 2020 Memorial Cup bid, and on important community committees, like the Airport Advisory Committee, the Child Advocacy Centre Board, the City of Kelowna's Journey Home Task Force, and the new course development committee at Okanagan College.

David Habib

David Habib is a father of 5, a local business owner, and a Provincial Boxing Coach. He is committed to doing the right thing, no matter the cost. He has compassion for those who are marginalized and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the changes our city needs.

We don’t have time to keep going in the direction we are going.

We need change. We need it now.

Colin Basran

My commitment to you is for real solutions. Not wishful promises, or cheap sales tricks based on unrealistic expectations. In fact, my main reason for seeking a third term is to see through several of the real initiatives that were started under my leadership, things like upgrades to Parkinson Rec, establishment of the Complex Care Centre, a plan for the Downtown North End, and the Provincial criminal justice reform. My children and my community deserve to have a bright future right here, at home, and I want to ensure we strike the right balance to get us there.

Glendon Charles Smedley

The people of Kelowna have the right to speak freely. The Cdn Charter of Rights and Freedoms expresses this very well. Whereas 🇨🇦 is founded upon 2 principles.


Chris Becenko

Candidate for Kelowna City Council and School Trustee. On October 15th, ELECT Chris Becenko, and let’s Make Kelowna Affordable Again.


Gord Lovegrove

I'm a happily married father of four, long-time Kelowna resident, professional engineer for over 25 years; founding professor of UBC School of Engineering — my areas of experience are in planning and design of affordable housing, transportation, safety, food security, and sustainable communities. Why: My areas of expertise exactly match emerging Kelowna issues. Engineers are strategic thinkers and problem solvers who get the job done efficiently and effectively. I offer sustainable development engineering experience to Council. I’ve been trusted to teach Kelowna’s future leaders, will you trust me with your vote?

Anthony Shephard

Elaine McMurray

City of Kelowna Citizen of the Year 2020

A daughter, sister, niece, aunt, mother, grandmother and nun. I've lived in Kelowna since 2017 and although I am retired from active employment, I currently volunteer my time in the community for up to 40 hours each week.

In my professional career, I worked as a chemist, nurse, social worker, nun, and an advocate.

Amarjit Singh Lalli

Susan Ames

Susan Ames is an active member of the Kelowna community. She has been a member of the Kelowna South Central Association of Neighbourhoods (KSAN) for several years and has been President from 2020 to 2022. In this regard, she has shown herself to be a team leader at the same time bringing innovation and energy to those who work with her. She knows city hall well having attended and presented at numerous council meetings and public hearings where she has made written and oral presentations. She has reviewed the 2040 OCP, the various zoning regulations, the proposed water sewage plant on agricultural land on Burnes Road, and various other projects that have come before council. Susan has watched the development of the city change rapidly.

Gail Given

This October, Kelowna is heading to the polls. Gail Given has been serving the City of Kelowna for 14 years as an elected official, first as a School Board Trustee, then as a City Councillor, Director for the Regional District of Central Okanagan, and Past Board Chair RDCO. She is ready to share her energy and knowledge in guiding the City of Kelowna through the next four years.

Zach Sawatzky

My wife and I are a part of the working and middle class here in Kelowna. I'm 41 years old and we moved to beautiful Kelowna some years ago (9 years for my wife and 6 years for myself). We got married downtown Kelowna at the Laurel Packinghouse in 2018 and started our family a few years later with our daughter, Amelie, who is 19 months old. I am currently a full-time stay-at-home dad while my wife is a real-life hero as a registered nurse at Kelowna General Hospital. We have absolutely LOVED Kelowna and building our family in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. But, with inflation raging and the cost of living climbing, we struggle to find acceptable child care and child services just like many young Kelowna families. We see firsthand our medical system struggling to make ends meet, usually forcing the RN's and doctors to simply increase their workload as the only solution implemented. this must end for these healthcare workers. What teacher would accept taking 25% MORE students into their classroom each year without receiving even close to a 25% increase in pay? The answer is obvious, none and yet this is the reality for some of our communities most important workers that make up our healthcare system. Many of the wonderful Kelowna businesses we love are struggling to retain and attract the workers needed to make ends meet. In addition, the crime and homelessness is at all-time highs. We ourselves were victims last year to a crime against our private property. We believe Kelowna can lead the country in LOW crime rate versus the current HIGH CRIME rates.

Indy Dhial

For 15 years, I worked at Shaw Communications in conjunction with our national leadership team and stakeholders, eventually earning the position of regional manger for the Thompson Okanagan and Northern BC Region. After a strong career at Shaw Communications, I made the decision to follow my dream of working with children and youth. I returned to school to become an early childhood educator. In 2019, I was awarded the prestigious ECE BC Sue Fraser Award for my innovative leadership and desire to make positive changes in the sector.

Over the course of my career, I have collaborated with leaders in the community, development planners, small business owners and the agricultural and educational sectors. I have also worked closely with the Kelowna Food Bank, Okanagan Sun, Kelowna Rockets (you may have seen me on the ice with the microphone in my hands!), Okanagan College and University of British Columbia Okanagan.

James Kay

My family and I have called Kelowna home since 2011, growing our small businesses, leading small-to-medium local businesses, working at City Hall, participating in industry groups, mentoring, contributing through service groups, and donating back through many important local organizations.

I am a civil engineer who has operated in the private sector most of my 21-year career, have had the opportunity to teach at both Okanagan College and UBC Okanagan. I was fortunate to spend five years in Development Engineering within the City of Kelowna.

I have served on Leadership Teams, Boards, and Councils. I know how critical thinking, coming prepared, asking the right questions, and digging deep is critical to making the right decisions. I have led organizations and know how aspiring to be great while living within our means and operating responsibly is essential to long-term success.

Sacheen Collecutt (Spirit Alliance)

BC born and raised, a Kelowna resident for 16 years. Trained as a Mental Health professional advocating for the vulnerable at-risk population; mental illness, homelessness and addiction. Having numerous roles over the years with Crossroads, John Howard Society, NOW Canada, Access Resources, OMHSS, and Canadian Mental Health Association. With my hands-on experience, I have grown to understand that our present system is lacking in foresight and leadership requiring our immediate attention and support from our community.

Peter Truch

As a former Transportation and Mobility Manager with the City of Kelowna, I have a clear understanding of processes that should be followed and are not, along with solutions to manage our growth and how they are being ignored in favour of developers.

Council meanwhile is not being provided with information from Senior City staff to make informed decisions, nor are they requesting it.

I’ve personally been stonewalled on multiple information requests about deals such as a revised McKinley Beach development, Glenmore Road widening, Transportation Master Plan projects totalling a quarter of a billion dollars, the Official Community Plan and fire staffing levels.

Ron Cannan

Ron was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for Kelowna-Lake Country from 2006 to 2015. He is only 1 of 3 MPs not in cabinet to serve on the Treasury Board Sub-Committee on Government Administration, and as such he became entitled to the title “Honourable” as a member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada for life.

Ron served a total of 9 years on Kelowna City Council. During this time, he also served as a director for the Central Okanagan Regional District/Hospital District Board, 5 years on the executive of the Okanagan Mainline Municipal Association (including 2 years as President) plus 2 years as Director of UBCM Executive (this is the local government association that lobbies the provincial government).



Dan Schlosser

I have lived in Kelowna for 47 years; my wife, Aimee and I raised four children in our Rutland home of 28 years.

I joined Central Okanagan Search & Rescue in 2004 after seeing their incredible dedication in the 2003 Fire-Storm.

Kelowna is growing rapidly, and with that growth comes new challenges for us to face together. With your vote, My experience, dependability, and deep love for this city will help us continue to cultivate a thriving community.

Amarit Brar

Born in Prince Rupert BC, and raised in the Okanagan. She is a proud second-generation Canadian.

Amarit struggled to fit in as the daughter of immigrants while attending elementary and secondary school in Rutland. This only empowered her and sparked her passion for inclusivity for all - regardless of who they are and where they came from. Community involvement is critical to Amarit. She believes that everyone should seek to establish a legacy in all of their ventures. She has served on the board of directors for the Okanagan Sikh Temple, in addition to federal and provincial electoral riding associations.

She was Kelty's Mental Health Ambassador for the Okanagan. In high school, she spoke on the complex subject of suicide prevention. Amarit is a proud public servant. As a former political staffer on Parliament Hill, (although remotely), she advocates for and promotes the Okanagan as well as British Columbia.

Brian Rogers

Maxine DeHart

Public Safety affects how we Live, Work, and Play. Improved Public Safety will attract and retain people, business, and investment in our community. I will:
Lobby governments to change the laws to keep repeat offenders off our streets. Work with Communities and Police to make Residents safe in their homes and businesses. Ensure people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the Okanagan Lifestyle safely. Work with local governments to ensure residents are safely housed affordably! Creating a Healthy, Safe & Inclusive Community for all of our Citizens Further Developing Vibrant Downtown and Business Centres Ensuring that We Develop a Long-Term Diversified Housing Plan.

Luke Stack

Luke was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He was raised in a large family with four brothers and two sisters. He met his wife Anne in high school and married her in 1978. Luke has three adult children and four (very cute) grandchildren.

Luke has always believed in public service. He has invested many years in volunteer work throughout the City.

He has served on numerous committees and boards including the City of Kelowna Advisory Planning Commission, the City of Kelowna Community Housing Needs Committee, BC Non-Profit Housing Association, The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Kelowna Association (DKA), The Kelowna-Kasugai Sister City Association, the Kelowna General Hospital Board, Willow Park Church Board, the Interior Health Project Liaison Committee, The Central Okanagan Regional District and the Airport Advisory Committee.

Rick Webber

Former Anchor/Producer/Executive Editor at Global TV.

Noel Wentworth

Born and raised in Kelowna, Noel Wentworth has always been passionate about giving back to his community.

Alongside his wife and two children, Noel has been instrumental in raising over $270,000 for the Kelowna General Hospital’s pediatric ward, helped build Joe Anna’s House, the Foundry and the MADD 911 signs around out city. He has also established high school credit for students in BC studying popular music, organized and donated his time to provide free interactive musical events for the public and at-risk children as well as supported walks for MS and Hospice.

Noel has been a business owner, manager, organizer, performing artist and teacher. He is also a volunteer member of the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission (COEDC) representing Arts and Culture for the Central Okanagan.

Darrin Fiddler

Finding solutions, tuning out the static.

Greg Dahms

Greg is a full-time Realtor® with Century 21Assurance Realty, and the previous owner of the Kelowna SPCA Thrift Store, which raised much-needed funds for Kelowna's local SPCA shelter. He has lived in the Okanagan region for the past 20 years and lives in Kelowna with his wife Rene, his two children and a rescue dog named Bear. In his spare time, Greg loves to explore the Okanagan Valley and as an avid photographer, he is able to share his community and surroundings with others. Greg is running for Kelowna City Council because he wants to help create a vibrant, sustainable and safe city for everyone to enjoy.

D. Ben Norman

Mohini Singh

I was always an avid volunteer in our community. After retiring from journalism in 2009, I continued my volunteer endeavours. I remained highly active and involved with numerous community organizations and our major academic institutions.

In November 2011, I was elected as a city councillor becoming the first ever Indo-Canadian woman elected in Kelowna. In all my personal, professional, and volunteer endeavours, I have worked hard for social justice, community capacity building, and a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life for all citizens in the community. I have spoken at events to build bridges between communities and helped organizations that need support.

On a personal level, I have a daughter, son-in-law and 12 grandchildren. The grandchildren come to me from different connections. It is love that binds us not blood. It is the desire to give our children a healthy, progressive community and a place they can study, and work that propels me forward to serve our community the best I can.

Chris Bocskei

Chris is a long-time Rutland resident who has been an active volunteer in this community for nearly 30 years. Chris and his wife have three fine boys who grew up here, and played soccer and basketball.

He has been volunteering at the community garden with Rutland Elementary students for 7 years, where he shares his gardening skills. The children are involved in digging, planting, watering and harvesting vegetables. As many as 120 students planted their own seeds and ate from the community garden this year.

Chris is a small business owner, a director for the Rutland Residents Association and a member of the Community Advisory Committee for McCurdy Place.

Daniel Joseph

Whether it's been owning property, different business journeys, or managing food-service businesses, I've been the benefactor of years of truly hard work. Taking personal responsibility for my life has been the foundation of my entrepreneurial spirit, and I continue to do so to this day. I've proudly given much of my time to my local church, been a member of various clubs and volunteered in areas where I could apply my energy and enthusiasm to help others.

I'm currently the founder and owner of a digital content agency, a personal fund, and manage a fairly busy food-service business. Everyday I wake up, I'm proud to call myself a Canadian, to live in a country where people truly do believe in working hard and helping each other. I firmly believe that those with harmful and hateful views will never be able to tear down the silent majority, people like you and I, that put in so much work behind the scenes and truly embrace our shared Canadian values.

Tom Macauley

Over the past decade in Kelowna, Tom has had the opportunity to engage with the community in many ways. He served a year as President of the Students Union at UBCO, he has hosted local events like Tedx, sits on the board of directors for the Kelowna Womens Shelter, and has had the chance to work with locally owned companies where he’s gained life long friends.

Charlie Hodge

30 years as a full-time journalist, decades in the music industry, an active nationally recognized environmentalist, radio talk show host, and four terms as both an elected City Councillor and a Regional District Director.

​Charlie was born and raised in the Okanagan Valley and lived in various B.C. towns over the years including Kelowna, Kamloops Salmon Arm, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, in addition to Edmonton and San Francisco.

Chris Williams

“Actions always prove why words mean nothing” Imagine a political party with no uncompromising policies, instead one with an emphasis on building a healthy, abundant life while preserving our environment for the enjoyment of all beings for generations to come. The Spirit Alliance vision is shaped by the “dimensions of well-being” healthy bodies and healthy minds. Picture a place where collective rights and individual freedoms are paramount and built by a community of conscientious, compassionate and informed individuals. This is your opportunity to truly have a voice for dynamic change, no more empty words, no more broken promises, no more hidden agendas, no more lies and no more harm of society. This is “your future” this is “your direction” together we can, and we will, build a productive existence for generations to come

Davis Kyle

I'm a procurement professional and longtime local resident with experience in managing major projects and getting the best value for taxpayers.

After attending council meetings for almost a year, its become clear to me that Kelowna needs a more active, responsive, and forward-looking council to respond to the many urgent problems facing our city.

Loyal Wooldridge

Being raised in an RCMP household and working as a small business owner, has given me a balanced perspective on the difficulties faced in our community. Our community has stepped up to address broken support systems that have been neglected for decades. There is more work to do.

Leaders must consider the full picture in decision-making. Our challenges are complex. People don’t feel safe. Life has gotten unaffordable. Natural disasters due to climate change have become annual events. I know that people-driven decisions will lead us to a safer, climate-resilient, economically sustainable city.

As a Community Encourager, I know we can meet our challenge head-on, together. Kelowna is the entrepreneurial capital of Canada. There are solutions and wisdom found right here at home. It’s time for our fiscal excellence to be balanced with a social conscience – we must unite in collaboration.

Bal Grewal

Bal attended the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary. He takes great pride in the fact that he was not only accepted but graduated with his Juris Doctorate from a Canadian Law School. It was during his time while in the study of law that he got a true and deep understanding of our Law and the guiding principles that shape our society. He was an active member of the Student Body during his time in Law School. He emerged as a student leader and was involved in many Law school events including being the Master of Ceremony for the Faculty's Law Firm Day.

After successfully completing Law school, Bal worked at a boutique Corporate Litigation firm in the heart of Downtown Calgary. This experience he holds very near and dear to his heart as it taught him the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice required to become a successful Lawyer. He eventually moved back to his home province (BC) and in the lower mainland where he continued Corporate Litigation before venturing into and adding a Solicitor role to his expansive and growing resume.

SD23 Trustees

Chris Becenko

Candidate for Kelowna City Council and School Trustee. On October 15th, ELECT Chris Becenko, and let’s Make Kelowna Affordable Again.


Chris Fieber (ParentsVoice BC)

Julia Fraser

I am running for school trustee for a 4th term because I want to ensure that the future Board makes fundamental choices necessary to reflect the educational priorities of our region. I also want to ensure that every child in our care has the supports necessary to reach their full potential. Over the past 11 years as a School Trustee, I have proven to be an excellent steward by making vital and difficult decisions within our budget constraints; balancing the Budget is the cornerstone of trustee stewardship. All of my decisions are “student-centered” and evidence-based.

Val Johnson

I’m passionate about public education. I have been attending school board meetings for years and am up-to-date on the current issues.
I’m also an Early Childhood Educator with more than 20 years of experience. I’m excited to bring my knowledge and passion to our schools.


Lee-Ann Tiede

Lee-Ann Tiede is a returning candidate for the role of School Trustee, and she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Board table. With two terms (8 years) as a School Trustee, she understands our students, our schools and the important role they play. Let’s keep her working as a School Trustee, so we can continue School District #23’s successes and refine the areas that need improvement.



Erika Shephard

Wayne Broughton

Wayne Broughton is the newest Trustee incumbent, having won the by-election just over a year ago. As a university math professor, Wayne has been an educator in Kelowna for 26 years. Most of his students have come through our public school system in the Central Okanagan and his youngest child still attends a local public school. Wayne deeply values the importance of education, not only from pre-Kindergarten through post-secondary, but to help children become lifelong learners. Let's re-elect Wayne to the School Board to ensure the values of integrity, compassion and logic in our leadership!



Tovey Demman (ParentsVoice BC)

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