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KelownaNow has made the effort to sit down and conduct video interviews with every candidate in the upcoming election. No other media outlet has compiled such a resource and it's a centre-point for this one-stop election web portal. It's a place where you can learn about all of the mayoralty, council and trustee candidates in the Central Okanagan.

For official City of Kelowna election information, visit kelowna.ca/election or sign up for e-updates.


Colin Basran

Leadership is about doing what’s right for the entire community. This principle guides me to not seek allegiance with any particular interest group. Rather, I’m committed to supporting a strong, progressive vision for all of Kelowna. To enable our city to prosper for generations to come.

Tom Dyas

Raising a family and running a successful business have always been the primary focus for Tom. With his family now grown and his business a family enterprise with a strong team, Tom has the capacity and the desire to turn his attention more fully to serving our Community and The City of Kelowna.


Website: https://www.tomdyas.com/

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September 20

It was a great morning digging into a stack of pancakes at the Project Literacy 'Raise a Reader' Pancake Breakfast… https://t.co/wbaPFNSgoo

September 20

I have recently written a letter to Costco regarding its potential relocation to West Kelowna. This topic is import… https://t.co/4rMKEcy3s0

September 12

I am proud to announce that I will be running for Mayor in the 2018 election. https://t.co/BwgoxSaAFJ https://t.co/eJB7iEP95Y

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Bob Schewe

Bobby Kennedy

Is an old adage many are familiar with, as well as a statement I choose to disagree with. Not only do I choose to be your friend and family, I choose to run for office in order to represent us all with leadership that respects, regards and values all who choose to make Kelowna home. I choose Kelowna because it is as genuine as it is first class. I hope you choose to elect Bobby Kennedy for Mayor October 20/2018 for the exact same reasons.


Website: https://bobbykennedy.ca/


Kevin Bond

Maxine DeHart

Maxine will continue to work hard and focus on the issues facing our city: Creating a Healthy, Safe & Inclusive Community for all of our Citizens Further Developing Vibrant Downtown and Business Centres Ensuring that We Develop a Long-Term Diversified Housing Plan


Website: http://www.maxinedehart.ca/

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January 26

Celebrating Bill Sinclair’s 70th Birthday at Olympia Taverna. Long-time funny stories about the “little piggy” and… https://t.co/WkbsAkS8yG

January 25

Was delighted to attend the 2020 Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellent Gala. Congratulations to all the Nominees and… https://t.co/BdBQ3bLrR5

January 24

@cityofkelowna @KristenThom This is a super way to contact the city for any services. I use it frequently for burne… https://t.co/iaMUMT7kD4

January 19

@KlaudiaGlobal @PQuinlanGlobal @GlobalOkanagan Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎁 Peter. So sorry I missed you during your stay in… https://t.co/gdGznu8b2V

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Gail Given

Often described as clear-minded, honest and thorough, Gail is also a lifelong learner with a positive attitude and the resiliency necessary to adapt to rapidly changing environments. As a two-term City Councillor and current Regional District Board Chair, Gail Given is acutely aware of Kelowna’s current challenges and opportunities.


Website: http://www.gailgiven.com/

Lindsay Bell

Craig Hostland

Craig, 59, is a husband to Patti of 36 blissful years and lucky father of three grown professional daughters. He likes to work at his profession and spend time with his family or crouched over a good technical book. Craig has always taken on challenges as they present themselves, taking himself and Patti to the Arctic for 15 years then to the Okanagan in 1997 to help in running family businesses and his own businesses. Craig has always had time for higher responsibilities and pursuits including an MBA and PhD while running the businesses and is now free to run for Council.


Website: https://craigforcouncil.ca/

Graeme James

I have lived in the Okanagan since 1965 and have made Kelowna my home for the past 38 years. My wife, Jane-Marie, and I have raised three children in Kelowna.
I have a Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology from Okanagan College and hold a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of BC. I am also a Journeyman tradesman. I have successfully run my own businesses in Kelowna (Glenmore Valley Greenhouses and Scenic View RV Park) for over 20 years. Most recently I was Construction Manager for multi-million dollar projects from BC to Newfoundland.


Website: http://taxpayersfirst.ca/

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October 3

Please join me in supporting the BC Conservative Party and join the Action Team #bccp http://t.co/5D4grBYC via @cumminsforbc

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Ryan Donn

A Scottish-born Canadian, Donn has lived in Kelowna for 22 years. Graduating from Rutland Secondary School, he obtained his diploma as Human Service Worker from Okanagan University College in 1999 and received the Okanagan College Young Alumni Award in 2010. 
 He works at Festivals Kelowna, owns a small business (Nudge Media), and lives in Kelowna with his wife, Kimberly, and two daughters.
Campaign Statement: I love Kelowna. If elected I will bring fresh, new, innovative ideas to Kelowna City Council.


Website: http://www.ryandonn.com/

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January 25

Love it https://t.co/SfkwBq8yyr

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Stefanie Van Meeteren

Wayne Carson


Mo Rajabally

Dr. Mo Rajabally arrived in Kelowna in 1976 from St. Catherines, Ontario to take a faculty position with Okanagan College. He is a graduate of the universities of
Ottawa, New York, and Washington State. In his earlier days in Kelowna, he served as a soccer coach and was president of the Mission Youth Soccer Association and was involved with several voluntary organizations.


Website: http://www.memoryfacebook.com/

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January 25

Prince Charles in Bethlehem: ‘It breaks my heart’ to see Palestinian suffering https://t.co/l4lT6aEmaI

December 6

#UBC declares climate emergency, plans to divest millions from fossil fuels https://t.co/OXKpnFoyNv

August 22

Democrats have no problem criticizing Israel, but no specifics on holding it accountable https://t.co/7FpUlfcmNL

August 22

If you are Palestinian, it’s just as difficult to leave Palestine as it is to enter it https://t.co/iiBlauKMoq

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Amarjit Singh Lalli

Amarjit Singh Lalli was born September.6th, 1968 and moved to Kelowna from India in 1975. Though his first 4 years were filled with challenges due to adapting to a new country and many moves, he is now a grateful family man, successful entrepreneur, as well as a highly respected individual member of the community.

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November 24

Thank you to @1Force for coming to Kelowna on such short notice. Your presentation was truly illuminating. Now it i… https://t.co/D2ppIiXPcg

October 10

This afternoon I had a chance to attend a seminar on the changes to the ALR. Time will tell if these changes are go… https://t.co/TKxLfVYKKI

April 27

I just want to thank MOD Sajjan and MP Fuhr for listening to our local concerns. Vaisakhi brings people together fr… https://t.co/sPrBTmexHV

April 27

Celebrating Vaisakhi in Kelowna today. Happy Vaisakhi to all those that celebrate this day. #kelowna #vaisakhi2019 https://t.co/uKeOyRboKE

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Jeff Piattelli

Jeff Piattelli is a professional singer and guitarist out of Kelowna, B.C. He writes and performs original music while also playing his take on popular covers. Using live, on the spot looping and percussion, Jeff creates everything you hear right in front of you; filling out the room with his signature sound. His first album was a purely acoustic album, with timeless songs that fans still cherish to this day.


Website: http://www.jeffpiattelli.com/

Brad Sieben

I want to keep making a difference in my community. This is where I was born, where I grew up, where I choose to raise my family and where I have been involved in business. I want Kelowna to be a place where my children have opportunities when they are adults.


Website: http://www.bradsieben.com/

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April 21

@ryandonn Telus Thompson Okanagan community board work!

June 23

@ryandonn @OkanaganAnge @GrayforKelowna love the pianos!

June 23

@ryandonn @OkanaganAnge @GrayforKelowna

June 2

Kellyn and I belly up to the bar at BNA Eatery and Brewing Co. #kelowna http://t.co/RlmvtFkXwB

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Mark Boyer

Kelowna is so MUCH more than a holiday destination. It is a thriving city that requires strong guidance and management. I am Mark Boyer and I am running for City Council in Kelowna. I’m no stranger to making swift and tough choices while working in collaborative, results-based situations, and I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective and my great work ethic to work for this great city.

Loyal Wooldridge

I believe that we need progressive leaders in our city who encourage a comprehensive complete community WITH a vibrant economy. As a Community Encourager I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with not for profit and business leaders and see the struggles of both sides. It’s time for our fiscal excellence to be balanced with a social conscious. I can use my experience to fuse both a business mind with a social heart.


Website: https://loyalkelowna.com/

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February 9

Huge kudos @WestJet for a flawless re-accommodation of our departure from #YLW at 0600 today! Great logistics work… https://t.co/WpZ4FFZNHX

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Gord Lovegrove

Gord Lovegrove is passionate about sustainable communities, and is one of UBCO School of Engineering’s experts in applied sustainable civil engineering - he is currently working with the Canadian and American Societies of Civil Engineers (ASCE/CSCE) on the release of a new reference textbook for practitioners and students-alike on civil engineering practices "Toward Sustainable Communities" (working title).

Luke Stack

Luke was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He was raised in a large family with four brothers and two sisters. He met his wife Anne in high school and married her in 1978. Luke has three adult children and four (very cute) grandchildren.


Website: http://www.lukestack.com/

Greg Dahms

Mohini Singh

Two-term incumbent city councillor Mohini Singh announced today she is seeking re-election to Kelowna City Council. “It has been a tremendous honor and opportunity for me to serve the citizens of Kelowna and bring their diverse perspectives and voices to the table. Although we have accomplished a lot during the past term, there is a significant amount of work left to be done to make our city the best mid-sized city in North America. I want Kelowna to be a city that is a safe and vibrant place to live, work, and play.”


Website: http://www.msingh.ca/

Charlie Hodge

I am thankful to have been born and raised in the Okanagan Valley. Kelowna has been my home since 1962 and during the past 50 years I have seen tremendous growth and change in our beautiful city. I would like to again be a part of the important decision making process that entrenches Kelowna as a safe, prosperous, and desirable community in which to live.


Website: http://charliehodge.ca/

Dustin Sargent

Our community is key to building a successful future without neglecting our past or present, Dustin continues to look for ways to be a positive influence in all of his surroundings. He feels that by participating in such a diverse portfolio of interests since moving to Kelowna provides him the insight to work with and help balance the eclectic nature of our fastgrowing community.

SD23 Trustees

Chelsea Frank

Terry Giesbrecht

Rolli Cacchioni

Rolli Cacchioni supports and will work for: Continued advocacy to the Ministry of Education for the provision of adequate, sustainable and predictable funding for our schools. Implementation of the BC Education Plan with its focus on individualized student learning plans and experiential learning to ensure the success of our students in the 21st century.

Stu Kyle

I don’t have all the answers but as a father of 3 and the 4th on the way, my wife and I of 12 years feel this is the best thing we can do to help our kids and yours.

Norah Bowman


Joachim Nierfeld

Joachim Nierfeld, born and raised in Germany, immigrated to Canada in 2000 and made his permanent home in Kelowna, BC. Married for more than twenty years, Joachim and wife Kathleen, along with their son Nicholas (a grade 5 student of Anne McClymont Elementary) are active, contributing members to the community that has welcomed them so warmly. One of Joachim’s proudest moments was becoming a full Canadian citizen in 2008.


Website: http://votenierfeld.ca/

Lee-Ann Tiede

She brings a fresh, inspired and global perspective to education. She understands our students, our schools and the important governance role of a Board of Education in our community. Let's keep her working as a School Trustee, so we can continue to grow the success of Central Okanagan Public Schools.


Website: http://www.voteleeann.com/

Joel Fraser

Julia Fraser

I believe, that as a trustee and a member of the Board of Education, our priority is to encourage student success and to ensure that every child in our care receives the supports necessary to reach their full potential. It is also critical that in the coming year, the School Board works to ensure the new funding model rolled out provides our School District with the flexibility to target resources to support our students and to meet the specific needs of our local communities.

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January 23

Going to the Spaces Where You Can Inspire Change https://t.co/9y2tEMwocz

January 19

“I hate doing school things, but I love learning.” https://t.co/J1pwjYaO8z

January 15

Playing Slow to Become Better https://t.co/vhu4NJ5eXf

January 12

4 Ways To Not Let Others Dim Your Light (#Podcast) https://t.co/Fmcu6IzMQV

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Peter Pagliocchini

My name is Peter Pagliocchini and I am running for Kelowna Area Trustee on the Central Okanagan School Board. I am proud to say that I have worked as a dedicated teacher in Kelowna for 34 years, with the majority of my career spent within School District 23. In June of 2013 I retired from the classroom but my passion for education has remained and my desire to improve the education system has been strengthened through my experiences.


Website: http://www.votemrp.com/

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September 18

All of the educational stakeholders need to have an equal voice at the School Board Table. Presently, only 3 trust… https://t.co/gMZ6lYxGza

May 20

Presently, we are strongly lobbying the City of Kelowna to expedite the completion date for the Rutland Centennial… https://t.co/7W4xeHMJUW

April 13

The Christy Clark Government: Balanced Budget at the Expense of the Poor, the Middle Class but… https://t.co/baDNRowzJT via @wordpressdotcom

April 10

The Christy Clark Government: Balanced Budget at the Expense of the Poor, the Middle Class but… https://t.co/baDNRowzJT via @wordpressdotcom

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